Crossbone Skully: Thing #1

Created by Crossbone Skully

The official comic book of the story "Thing #1" from the rock 'n' roll multimedia project from Tommy Henriksen.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

about 2 months ago – Thu, Oct 05, 2023 at 01:28:35 PM

Hello my Earth family!

While I have been away, involved in a very dangerous battle in a neighboring galaxy, things have fallen behind schedule for the delivery of the rewards of my very first human-supported campaign. My deepest apologies, and I promise that I will try to make this up to all of you by having a special extra surprise put in all of your packages!  But now, a message from the human experts who make all of these amazing things:

"Hello all! We'd like to start with our deepest apologies for having been quiet as we deal with some difficulties in the background, and we know we missed our expected delivery date for the campaign rewards. We ran into some very big problems, on multiple fronts, that led to some unforeseen circumstances. I want all of you to know that we are indeed working on everything and hope to be able to start fulfilling soon. The writer, Josh Werner, posted a heartfelt video on some social media accounts about this, and we'd like to say thank you for your kind responses to it, and for being so patient. Crossbone Skully fans and Tommy Henriksen fans are some of the best folks on the planet. This truly is a family. Anyway, we'll be sending some more updates soon with more details, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek at how awesome the acrylic standees came out! They're SO cool, we can't wait for everything to finish coming in so we can start the shipping process. More news on the way. 

- The Creative Team at Source Point"

Sneak peek at the acrylic standee!

As they eloquently put it - bad things happened. But asses were kicked, and now they are BACK WITH A VENGEANCE.  Okay, that may not be exactly as they put it. But that is how I, Crossbone Skully, am putting it.  Thank you all for being amazing. Great things are coming. 

- Skully

Must fill out Backerkit Survey! They have now been sent!
7 months ago – Wed, May 03, 2023 at 11:44:55 AM

Earth Family!

 Human Joshua Werner has informed me that the Backerkit survey has now been sent out to all of the backers and here is a communication from him that I am to pass to all of you: 

Josh: "The surveys are now sent out! These will go to whatever email address you use with Kickstarter. What this does is it asks you to confirm where we will be shipping your items to once they're completed. If you ordered a t-shirt, it'll ask you to choose the size shirt you'd like. Then it gives you a chance to add on a couple cool items if you so choose. And then, based on the address you gave and the final line up of items, it determines your shipping cost.  Then you pay shipping, and you are officially LOCKED IN to receive your rewards!"

Here's the big thing, Misfits! If you do not fill out the Backerkit Survey and pay for the shipping, you won't receive your rewards when they are finished and come in to the Whalebacker warehouse! Because Whalebacker will not know where to send them. I will keep sending reminders out to those who do not fill out the Survey soon, as will our awesome Earth team. 

ALSO: Go on your World Wide Web and check out all the amazing tour dates for Alice Cooper and The Hollywood Vampires if you want to catch Tommy live soon! These are among the Earth rock legends I have picked up through your airwaves in my Helldriver! I will definitely be shifting into one of your human forms so I may come down and rock out with you all!

Thank you, Earth family! Rock on!

- Crossbone Skully

(Humans Tommy Henriksen and Joshua Werner send their love!)

7 months ago – Mon, Apr 24, 2023 at 02:23:15 PM

Hello Misfits of the Universe!

Human Joshua Werner has informed me that a "Backerkit" has finished being built, and has been sent in for approval, and then a "survey" will be sent to all backers from there to finalize your orders. 

What is a Backerkit, you may ask? And what sort of survey is this? Well, I asked the same thing. While other planets do have similar crowdfunding efforts, Backerkit seems to be unique to Earth. After learning what it is for I have determined I like this Backerkit. If Backerkit was a person, I would party with them. It seems that a Backerkit is where you will finalize your order of items from this campaign, you will be given the opportunity to add on additional items to your order if you would like, and then you will finalize your shipping address information so that you can then pay for your shipping (which was not charged at the end of the Kickstarter campaign). 

This means if you ordered a t-shirt, the Backerkit survey will ask you what size shirt you would like. If you backed a tier that got you an original Crossbone Skully sketch by human-Josh, but you would really really like to get TWO sketches by human-Josh (for example), you can add on an additional sketch, and then it would charge you for your shipping + your extra item(s). Keep in mind, Backerkit items will ship WITH your Kickstarter rewards, which will be in August. So make sure the address you give is a human dwelling you can be found at in August. 

If you do not fill out your Backerkit Survey, you will not get your items, because Whalebacker's system will not have a confirmed shipping address for you. (Whalebacker is who is fulfilling the campaign, shipping you all your amazing items). 

That is all. Thank you, Earth family. Thank you for ALL YOU DO!


Limited Edition Source Point Standee?
9 months ago – Tue, Mar 21, 2023 at 10:31:50 AM


The creative team at Source Point Press has immortalized me! There will now be a miniature version of me to put on your shelf! I am humbled by the incredible things my Earth friends create in my name. 

Here are details I received in the Hell Driver by Human-Josh about this "Source Point Standee" that has immortalized Alpha Watchman, The Crooked Crow, my Demon Driver, and myself:

"Surprise! We have decided to add a special add-on item that you can add to your pledge!  This Source Point Standee of Crossbone Skully is the perfect item to have on your shelf! It is 8" tall, made from high quality clear acrylic, and features Crossbone Skully on the Devil Driver with The Crooked Crow and Alpha Watchman. The characters slide right into the acrylic base to stand upright to proudly display your collectable.

NOTE: If you have already made your pledge and would like to add this $20 add-on item to it, simply go to the Rewards tab, click the "Manage Your Pledge" button, then click the "Change Your Pledge" button, then re-select your same Reward Tier again, click the "Pledge" button, now on this "Configure Reward" screen you will see the option add the Limited Edition Source Point Standee. Just click the "Add" button, and this collectible will then be added to your rewards!"

I am going to get myself one to put in my Hell Driver, it will serve as a reminder of my friends and I joining in battle together. Also it looks badass.

- Crossbone Skully

We Must Fight the Evil World Machine
9 months ago – Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 12:24:29 PM

Misfits of the Universe!

We are currently at 56% of our goal! Thank you all for gathering together to help my story be told. We must reach more humans, we must make them aware of what is coming. We must fight the Evil World Machine!

I have spoken with Earth Rock Hero Tommy Henriksen, and Earth Chronicler/Artist Joshua Werner, about more special items we might provide to make my first Earth Campaign one you will never forget. 

Upon reaching our first goal, our team will also be announcing additional goals (humans keep referring to them as "Stretch Goals" but I do not have any expectations of your potential flexibility). Each of these new goals will unlock bonus items that will be added to tiers, with no charge to you. I am very excited to announce these free bonus items, but we must first reach our initial goal. Please once again take to your human social communication platforms and make a post for me... 

The post only needs to say this: 

Thing #1 is coming. Will you join #CrossboneSkully and I in fighting the Evil World Machine?

If you have social relationships with humans that love to rock, please tag them in the post, so they too are aware that CROSSBONE SKULLY HAS ARRIVED!

Rock on, my Earth Family!

- Skully

P.S. If you are looking for other amazing humans to support and incredible stories from a parallel universe known as the "absurdiverse" that I myself have visited in the Hell Driver, I recommend another Kickstarter project called "Four Color Fiends Yearbook: 2022", which can be found here: