Crossbone Skully: Thing #1

Created by Crossbone Skully

The official comic book of the story "Thing #1" from the rock 'n' roll multimedia project from Tommy Henriksen.

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The Misfits of the Universe are gathering!
9 months ago – Thu, Mar 16, 2023 at 05:42:16 AM

Hello, Misfits! 

Your support is taking us closer to our goal, so that my story of "Thing #1" can be heard! My deepest gratitude to all of you humans (and those amongst you who may not be human)!

As I show my first Kickstarter campaign to your planet, there appear to be those who doubt my existence, doubt my stories of both your past and future. So I am asking a favor today from all of you... 

Please take to all of your human social communication platforms and make a post for me... 

The post only needs to say this:

#CrossboneSkully is real.

Then they will know, because you have said it to be true!

Let's ROCK!

- Skully